Three Round 49ers Mock Draft

By: Jay Moore (@Jay_Moore49)twitter-logo-4
Final Edit: (@Zachhernan)
Today I have what just about everyone has been waiting for! I present my 3 round mock draft.  Okay, really im sure you are all tired of “mock” drafts because really, who the hell knows what John Lynch and Co. are going to do. Anyway, I’m going to give it a try anyway, so here we go!

Round 1: Pick 2 – Mitch Trubisky |QB| North Carolina
I think the talks of Trubisky going in the top five are very real, and I also think the 49ers significantly interested in him. He has a compact, quick throwing motion, which allows him to be very accurate. Trubisky is a lot more athletic than most give him credit for. He’s the kind of quarterback that new head coach Kyle Shanahan wants running his offense.  He can make the timing throws that Shanahan asks of his quarterbacks.  While he may not win the job in camp due to Shanahan’s complex offensive system, and Brian Hoyer knowing the offense already. I wouldn’t be surprised if he’s playing by week 8 if the team isn’t performing well.
Taking a player at number 2 overall who probably won’t start right away is always a risk, especially on a team that has as many holes as the 49ers. However, keep in mind  Shanahan and Lynch have 6 year deals, which allows them to take their time with this rebuild.  Quarterback is often the most important player on the field, so if Shanahan and Lynch think that Trubisky can be a franchise player under center, they have to pull the trigger.

Round 2: Pick 2 – Budda Baker |FS| Washington
I was very happy to see Baker still sitting there at #34.  He fills a definite need at free safety now that new defensive coordinator Robert Saleh has brought in the 4-3 single high safety system that we all know from Seattle.  (I took a look at the 49ers new defense in a previous article here).  He has the range to play that single high safety and could really blossom into something special. I hope come Thursday, Baker is sitting there at #34 for the 49ers.

Round 3: Pick 2 – Dan Feeney |G| Indiana
This guy is a total road grader, bring your lunch pale, type of guard.  He gave up only one sack last season and was a linchpin for Indian’s offensive line.  Feeney would bring some nastiness to the 49ers offensive line that we haven’t seen since Mike Iupati and Anthony Davis were teaming up in the Bay.  He’d come in day one and instantly start at left or right guard opposite Joshua Garnett. This isn’t a deep draft at all when it comes to offensive line, but i think Feeney would be a steal in the 3rd round and could turn out to be a better player than the 49ers 1st-round pick from 2016 Joshua Garnett.

All in all, I was able to grab the 49ers some future pieces on offense and defense that the team could build around.  If Trubisky turns into the quarterback of the future, then it is a home run no matter where they select him. The addition of Feeney in the 3rd helps the run game, which in turn will help the rookie under center, if (when) he starts. Lastly, Baker would solidify the secondary, and let Jimmie Ward stay at corner opposite Rashard Robinson, making the team better at two positions with the one pick in the second round.
Who knows whats really going to happen come Thursday, draft day is always exciting! However, don’t sleep on a quarterback at 2! Also, stay tuned for post-draft analysis from the 49ersHive team!
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