Possible Replacements For Released CB Tramaine Brock: Free Agents

By: Zach Hernandez (@zachhernan)

The 49ers wasted no time in cutting their losses with cornerback Tramaine Brock, cutting him only one day after his arrest for domestic violence. On Thursday, Brock was booked into Santa Clara County Jail on one charge of suspicion of a felony-domestic violence. According to the SCPD, they responded to a call of a domestic-violence incident at approximately 9:35PM  Thursday night. Upon arrival, they were met by a woman who claimed to be Brock’s girlfriend and she was visibly injured. Brock was taped leaving the jail in a 49ers hat and a plain black shirt.

The 49ers have had a fair share of players arrested for similar charges in the past. Prior to Brock’s arrest, former FB/TE Bruce Miller was booked on assault charges. He was quickly released from the team even though they were expecting a breakout year from Miller at his new position – tight end. Before that, Aldon Smith was arrested multiple tines before finally being released by San Francisco. The 49ers, now especially with their new regime, are eager to not only say, but prove that they are taking a no-nonsense approach from here on out. Cutting Brock certainly paints a picture for the rest of the roster – stay out of trouble with the law.

With Tramaine being cut, that leaves the 49ers with only cornerbacks Rashard Robinson, Keith Reaser, Dontae Johnson, Will Redmond, Prince Charles Iworah, K’waun Williams, and Jacorey Shepherd. They are a very young, unproven group. While Robinson has the potential to be a true shutdown corner in the future for the 49ers, he’s not quite there yet. Unfortunately due to the awkward timing of Brock’s release, the free agent market is pretty much all settled at this point. So,  I decided to take a look at some possible replacements for Brock including free agents and draft prospects.

Free Agents

Darrelle Revisimg_0698

Revis might be the most household known name on the market. He was not re-signed by New York and has been relatively quiet during free agency. At 31 years old, Revis is not the shutdown corner inhabiting Revis Island anymore. He was constantly burned last season and gave up a handful of touchdowns. Let’s take a look at his 2016 stats:

  • 15 games played
  • 15 games started
  • 921 snaps (.889%)
  • Allowed 47 receptions out of 70 targets
  • QB passer rating of 109.8 when throwing his way
  • 3 touchdowns allowed
  • 4 passes defended
  • 53 tackles
  • 43 solo tackles
  • 10 assists
  • 1 interception

Similar Player’s Contracts

  • Jonathan Joseph

  • 2 year deal
  • $13,500,000
  • $6,750,000 average per year
  • 31 years old when signed


  • Deangelo Hallimg_0703
    • 4 year deal
    • $17,000,000
    • $4,250,000 average per year
    • 30 years old when signed


  • Adam “Pacman” Jonesimg_0704
    • 3 year deal
    • $22,000,000
    • $7,333,000 average per year
    • 32 years old when signed


  • Brent Grimesimg_0705
    • 2 year deal
    • $13,500,000
    • $6,750,000 average per year
    • 32 years old when signed


  • 2.8 year deal
  • $16,500,000
  • $6,000,000 per year
  • 31.3 years old when signed


Should The 49ers Sign Revis?

Even with the 49ers sitting on a cap space of over $70,000,000, all signs are pointing to a very, very hard no. Revis is an aging cornerback at 31 years old. His best game is behind him. Plus, with the amount of money he’d be asking for – it just does not match the services Revis would be able to provide. Aside from bringing a strong veteran and leader into a young group, I can’t see any reason why San Francisco would kick the tires on Darrelle. It appears the “private-island-turned-luxury-resort” will not be coming to the Bay.

Sam ShieldsMJS Packers 13, De Sisti, desisti 228.jpg

Sam Shields is only 29 years old, one of the youngest cornerbacks still on the market with starting experience in the NFL. He played a total of seven years with the Packers. However in 2016, Sam was only able to play one game then he was placed on injured-reserve due to a concussion, his fifth of his career. Shields was released in February, 2017 clearing up $8,500,000 in cap space for Green Bay. He also has experience returning punts and kicks. I’ll always remember Sam Shields for his pick-six he had on Kap in the 2012 divisional round of the playoffs. Let’s take a look at Shields’ 2015 and 2016 stats (only one game played in 2016):

2015 Stats

  • 12 games played
  • 12 games started
  • 3 interceptions
  • 13 passes defended
  • 1 fumble recovery
  • 37 tackles
  • 2 assists

2016 Stats

  • 1 game played
  • 1 game started
  • 3 tackles

Similar Player’s Contracts

  • Tracy Porterimg_0711
    • 3-year deal
    • $12,000,000
    • $4,000,000 average per year
    • 29 years old when signed


  • Jeremy LaneJeremy Lane
    • 4-year deal
    • $23,000,000
    • $5,750,000 average per year
    • 25 years old when signed


  • Darryl Morrisimg_0707
    • 1-year deal
    • $675,000
    • 25 when signed


  • 2.5-year deal
  • $11,891,666
  • $3,475,000 per year
  • 26.3 years old when signed

Should The 49ers sign Shields?

This one is a toss-up for me. While Shields has an extensive concussion history (5), his play has been exceptional. Coming into the NFL as an undrafted free agent, Shields definitely has proved he belongs in this league. He played like a man on fire in 2014. I think if he can stay healthy, why not kick the tires on a veteran like Sam Shields? He can bring a veteran presence to a team desperately needing one. If the 49ers can get him at a reasonable price, Shields could come in and start immediately. He does come with a high-risk factor though.

Brandon Flowersimg_0701

Since 2011, Flowers has seen his time on the field decrease every year. From starting all 16 games in 2011, Flowers went down to 15 in 2012, 13 in 2013, 14 in 2014 (ironically enough), 11 in 2015, & only 6 in 2016. He was placed on injured-reserve on week 7 of 2016 season. Flowers came into the league with Kansas City, starting 14 games at right cornerback. After Flowers’ rookie year, he has played predominately in the left cornerback position. Like Revis, Flowers’ best games very well might be behind him. While he might not be able to come into an organization and start all 16 games, Flowers could still be a solid rotational player. Let’s take a look at his play since moving to the Chargers – his 2015 & 2016 stats:

2015 Stats

  •  11 games played
  • 10 games started
  • 0 interceptions
  • 4 passes defended
  • 1.0 sack
  • 29 tackles
  • 4 assists

2016 Stats

  • 6 games played
  • 6 games started
  • 1 interception
  • 5 passes defended
  • 24 tackles
  • 4 assists

Similar Player’s Contracts

  • Sterling Moore
    • 1-year deal
    • $900,000
    • 27 years old when signed


  • Byron Maxwellimg_0709
    • 6-year deal
    • $63,000,000
    • $10,500,000 per year
    • 28 years old when signed


  • David Amersonimg_0710
    • 4-year deal
    • $35,000,000
    • $8,750,000 per year
    • 25 when signed


  • 3.5 year deal
  • $32,966,666
  • $6,716,666 per year
  • 26.6 when signed

Should The 49ers Sign Flowers?

I do not think Flowers would fit into the 49ers well at all. He is an aging cornerback with a diminishing skill set. He is used to a 3-4 defense, which the 49ers will be transitioning out of this upcoming season. The 49ers need a physical, press corner who is able to play a lot of man coverage. While they have a strong need for cornerbacks, I don’t see Flowers coming into play.

Like I said earlier, the timing of the arrest of Brock is at a very awkward time. With under three weeks away from the 2017 NFL Draft, at least it leaves the 49ers with time to adjust their position rankings. In the passing league that is today’s NFL, cornerbacks are becoming even more of a vital role to defenses. The 49ers need a cornerback that is for certain. However, they are probably better off waiting until the draft, because this free agency group is atrocious.




  1. Nice article. I’d take a flyer on Shields, especially because he can play at a high level when healthy. If they could work out an incentive laden contract with bonuses/ escalators for playing time and performance, I’m all for it. Even if they pick up some CBs in the draft, competition at the position and depth are always good things.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Exactly! Shields could totally turn into like how Carlos Rogers was when he came to the Bay. Very young. Some injury concerns but if he can overcome them, could be a steal.


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