Clemson WR Mike Williams Scouting Report

By: Zach Hernandez @Zachhernan)

Overview: Clemson WR Mike Williams has all the tools to possibly become one of the next great WRs in the NFL. He nearly saw his career end after fracturing his neck by hitting his helmet against the goal post on a touchdown catch in the season opener. However, he was able to fully recover and be cleared for contact in 2016. Williams earned second-team Walter Camp All-American and first-team All-ACC pick caught 84 passes for 1,171 yards and 10 scores. Most of the guys career is highlight-real material.


  • Size – at 6’4″, 218 lbs Williams is a force to be reckoned with.
  • Sells hard on vertical, able to create early hip turns from back pedaling CBs.
  • Always has advantage on the jump, 50/50 ball with his long arms & big hands.
  • Uses his hands exceptionally well, he almost plucks the ball out of the air. Whether the ball is inside, outside, over the shoulder, Williams is more than likely able to make the catch.
  • Works the middle of the field fearlessly, even with the big hit looming.
  • Has experience at all three levels.
  • Exceptional skills when it comes to yards after catch.


  • Drops.
  • Route running needs polishing.
  • Sometimes Williams appears to rely solely on his physical strengths to catch the ball. While this might work more often than not against college DBs, it won’t against NFL DBs.
  • Release lacks quickness.
  • Has been outmuscled & boxed out against the sideline more than I’d like to see with his size.
  • Neck injury. With an injury that serious, teams can’t help but ponder his long term longevity.
  • Ball security- had two fumbles this season.

Overall: Mike Williams definitely is a first rounder, and in my opinion WR1 in this draft. He has the NFL size, speed, & strength to excel. He needs work & proper coaching on his route running. All in all, Mike Williams will more than likely become a security blanket for whichever quarterback is throwing his way.

NFL comparison: 

Ceiling: Plaxico Burress

Floor: Alshon Jeffrey


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