Texas Tech QB Patrick Mahomes Scouting Report


By: Zach Hernandez (@Zachhernan)

Overview: Patrick Lavon Mahomes II might possibly be the most intriguing prospect in this NFL Draft. He’s put up video-game like numbers in his duration at Texas Tech – 4,619 yards, 50 TDs as a senior, 65.7 completion %. One of the first four games Mahomes started his freshman year he put up 598 yards & 6 total TDs against a top-10 team in Baylor. In 2015, Mahomes earned honorable mention All-Big 12 notice for the second consecutive year. His final year at Texas Tech, he was a second-team All-Conference pick. He’s a constant threat on the ground and has 22 rushing TDs in three seasons; it’s easy to see the guy is a certified playmaker, he is the son of a former MLB pitcher Patrick Mahomes I. 


  • He looks the part – Mahomes has a typical NFL QB body type. At 6-2, 230 he is able to take hits that would normally be a problem for a QB that uses his legs as much as he does.
  • Plays the game with a certain swagger that can be felt by his teammates.
  • His accuracy, while still needing some improvement, has improved steadily every year and it is easy to project with the right coaching staff can continue to improve.
  • He looks comfortable in his skin while playing.
  • Not afraid to challenge defenders, has the arm strength to fit the ball into small windows accurately.
  • His baseball past comes into play while throwing. He is able to use his hips properly to drive more on the ball.
  • Able to speed up release upon pressure.
  • Excellent pocket awareness & footwork.
  • Legitimate dual-threat QB.
  • Can beat you however he chooses.


  • Can be inconsistent in his passing game.
  • As any other gun-slinger, Mahomes comes with his fair share of mistakes & interceptions – 29 career INTs.
  • Eager to show off his big-play-ability which can also mean forcing throws.
  • Always seems to resort to Madden-like football which can interfere with his rhythm.
  • Needs work on anticipatory reads and throwing receivers open.
  • Has a problem taking what the defense is giving him & not force throws.
  • Needs improvement on reading defenses.
  • Seems to have an on and off switch when it comes to his decision making ability.
  • His upper body/arm seem to occasionally be ahead of his feet.
  • Impatient.
  • Accuracy issues on deep ball.
  • Some of his throws sail due to his explosiveness upon release.
  • Leaves pocket prematurely & sometimes fools himself into thinking there’s more pressure than there actually is.
  • Better at scrambling than actually running.

Overall: Patrick Mahomes is certainly a very intriguing prospect coming out of Texas Tech. He has a natural feel for the game.  He plays with an electrifying swagger that is infectious. He has developed some bad habits, which will need to be addressed by whichever coaching staff decides to take him. He has a Russel Wilson-esque ability to improvise & create plays. He has a very high ceiling, however that also comes with a very low floor.

NFL Comparison: 

Ceiling – Brett Favre

Floor – Jay Cutler


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